We’re Speaking at The Innovation Center Next Week

Join us, free tickets here, for our latest speaking engagement at The Innovation Center.


Abby & Lily


Home Sweet Home.

Hello friends,

We departed last week from Earlham’s camous and have arrived at our new location. 

It is so beautiful. Thanks to Earlham’s Public Safety Department we arrived safe and sound.

Been adding some additions to the house…redundency is good. ūüėČ

Here are a few photos.

Peace and love all,

Lily and Abby

Earlham’s Epic Expo -Tiny Tour

Happy April world!

We’re still not living in the tiny house due to political reasons.

However, we will be giving a tour of the tiny house as part of Earlham’s Epic ExpoEarlham’s Epic Expo! Two days of canceled classes offer students the opportunity to present research and other class work to the community.

We’ll be giving tours of the tiny house Tuesday, April 18th, from 1:30pm-3:30pm.

See you there!


Lily & Abby

Approval Update

Good morning world!

Last week, we heard back from the State of Indiana regarding the approval of the coding portion of our Variance of Use. Our case was reviewed last Wednesday and we should hear back soon, we hope.

The approval of the coding would allow us to live in the house!

Currently, we are not residing in the tiny house.

Stay tuned,

Abby & Lily


Thanks RFS for Visiting!

We had such a wonderful time with kids from the Richmond Friends School and their wonderful teacher Kate Hogg.

They asked so many wonderful questions and were a joy to host. We certainly had fun!


Selfie: Lily and Richmond Friends School students and the wonderful Kate Hogg, Feb 13, 2017


Abby speaking with the 7th-8th graders from the RFS and Kate Hogg, Feb 13, 2017

Thanks folks for the Qs


On Saturday we had a successful Q&A session. A few board members came by, as well as a few more familiar faces like Welling Hall.

Thanks, everyone who stopped by to ask some questions.

Here are the top 3 questions we get:

  1. How has it been living here? (We’re actually not.) So, why aren’t you living in it?

Well, good question. On January 12th, the Board of Zoning Appeals approved our variance of use. This document consisted of two main approval parts: zoning and coding. While the zoning part got passed and remains accepted, the coding section, we were told, has to now be approved by the state of Indiana. We are still waiting to hear back, but who knows how long that will take.

2. Did you build it all yourself?

Yes. We had lots of support from YouTube, Live Simply Colorado (Barbara Mariner), family and friends we met along the way. We consulted with a few other tiny house builders in the area and they gave us feedback on our blueprints and design choices. Not as much of the house is built with reclaimed materials, however, most of the windows were bought, $20 each from craigslist and are demo windows. They are smaller than conventional windows, but for our purposes they are perfect.

Due to our time constraint, the process of using reclaimed materials was very difficult. Our advice: if you plan to use as many reclaimed materials as you can, start collecting now. All the parts you want cannot and will not always miraculously appear on craigslist when you need them. What you make up in source materials you often loose in time.

3. How did this all start?

We met during their First Year at Earlham in the August Wilderness program they both participated in. They both attended Water Wilderness and it wasn’t until their Junior year that they grew to become better and better friends. During that year, Abby began to work for the Sustainability Office at Earlham.¬†We talked a lot about how Earlham could make more sustainable decisions and one way we figured we could make a decision in our own lives about living mindfully, sustainably and more simply, was by building a tiny house that is off the grid.¬†Abby shared her dreams of one day wanting do something like this, but Lily asked why not now?

Thanks for staying tuned!

We look forward to hosting the Richmond Friends School later today for their Read-A-Thon!

With love and light,

Lily & Abby