A Senior Year Style Update

Welcome back to school!


Lily and Abby celebrating the completion of our solar hook up! Thanks friends from Rectify Solar (Indianapolis, IN)!

We have become submerged in our Fourth Year of undergraduate studies at Earlham College and have finally found time to give a proper update!

We are not yet on campus, but are fortunate to have our tiny house parked on the front lawn of our dear friends house. Earlham had time in their busy schedule to film us and ask of a few questions to share with the wider community and prospective students/families our awesome project!

Check out the Youtube video here!

The most challenging part of living off campus (10m-ish drive away) is scheduling homework/soccer/social life/mental health/eating/extracurricular/laundry…etc. But we are doing our best.

In the midst of everything I am beginning to put together the video clips/photos from the summer to share with y’all. Here is a short video I made with this cool app, Quik. It illustrates the last leg of our build!

Thanks for staying with us on this journey friends!

With love and light,

Lily and Abby ❤




Four Walls

Today was incredible as we placed our four fully framed walls on our trailer.  With help from family and friends we were able to complete this task in a few hours.  The time lapse video we took makes in look like a piece of cake, but between leveling, squaring, and placing braces it was quite a day! Stay tuned for the link that will be on our youtube channel!

We can’t wait to continue our build!