Home Sweet Home.

Hello friends,

We departed last week from Earlham’s camous and have arrived at our new location. 

It is so beautiful. Thanks to Earlham’s Public Safety Department we arrived safe and sound.

Been adding some additions to the house…redundency is good. 😉

Here are a few photos.

Peace and love all,

Lily and Abby


Approval Update

Good morning world!

Last week, we heard back from the State of Indiana regarding the approval of the coding portion of our Variance of Use. Our case was reviewed last Wednesday and we should hear back soon, we hope.

The approval of the coding would allow us to live in the house!

Currently, we are not residing in the tiny house.

Stay tuned,

Abby & Lily


Giving Thanks and A Tiny Update

Hello world,

This week, we find ourselves in Ithaca, NY honoring the privilege we have to have what we have…and giving thanks to those and the places we love. We went for a 7ish mile run, a dip in the pond, played in leaves and the next day all was covered in snow…So we went cross country skiing.

running on Yaple.jpg

Lily & Abby before their 7.18mi run

We give thanks for the company we keep and the food we can afford to put on our plates.

One such example of deep thanks and love we can think of to share and inspire us, is Nick Johnson and Melissa Johnson, both part of our Earlham College family. Words cannot to justice to their story of perseverance, love, support and hope, so here’s a video 🙂

nick johnson on ESPN.PNG

As we move through the world, we are again, reminded about the difference one day can make…In 24 hours we can make a big impact. Or a small choice that adds up to a big change in the world….


a day in Ithaca- Nov 2016.PNG

sunny snow Wednesday.jpg

23 November 2016

Record snow fall in the area…27″ at the local airport.

A Tiny Update

Variance of Use: Earlham College submitted a variance to the Board of Zoning Appeals in Richmond, Indiana to gain permission to park our tiny house on Earlham’s campus. There will be a public hearing in December the 8th, 2016 at 7pm in Richmond’s Council Cambers, 50 North 5th Street. (Note: our case may not appear exactly at 7pm, because there will be others, but that is when the hearings begin).

Water works: Our dear friend has nearly finished installing our plumbing system. Stay tuned for more photos- here are a few for now. Rich has installed the pipes, pump, sink and a hole to fill the internal water storage tank.

We are holding space for everyone in these tumltuous times.

Thanks for keeping up with our story.

With love and light,

Lily & Abby


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Good morning world,

Yesterday we weighed our tiny house at the local truck stop weigh station.

It came in to 6620 lbs. Less than we thought. good stuff.

We spoke with Scott (our wonderful host who is letting us build in his back yard- and pluming expert) and he as just enough time to set us up with the tubes to connect all our appliances and features that need propane.

Getting wiring in the house. next step, vapor barrier and then interior siding!

Exactly a week until Lily leaves to return to Earlham College.

Time to get down to it.

If you’re new to our project make sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook and GoFundMe page.

With love and light,

Abby & Lily

Back to work……

It has been a long week. Besides the fact that we got some well needed rest it was a horrible week in most other ways. I do not feel the need to go into details as everyone with an internet connection (or a Facebook account) probably has had many eye-fulls of videos, news reports and friends and family grieving and angry- among other feelings.




I digress.

We are focusing today on the roof. We had some roof problems and have revamped the upper roof that will now no longer feature a skylight: It was proving to be very problematic.

Before we left, a lot of water got underneath the metal roof and we had to take it all off. It wasn’t fun.

The next immediate steps will be to finish screwing down the roof and then work on the inside! hurray.

Thanks everyone for following our progress and story.

With love and light,

Lily & Abby



A Wee(kend) Update

Happy Monday friend and strangers,

This weekend we attended an event in Lyons, CO at the WeeCasa tiny home hotel. They have 10 tiny houses on their lot, as well as a large space for events such as weddings. It is a delightful space with a river running along side and main street right across the road.


WeeCasa tiny home hotel in Lyons, Colorado. June 5th 2016.

Barbara from Live Simply Colorado, Abby’s mentor, turned us on to this opportunity and spoke to the guest speaker, from SimBLISSity Tiny Homes on our behalf. After a brief introduction, all the attendees were invited to tour about 4 of the on site “units.” They were quite adorable. Because Barbara spoke so kindly of us to Byron and Dot, the power partner team behind SimBLISSity, we were able to have a tour of their build site and learn about the values and passions behind the company. Suffice it to say, we were impressed.

Thanks Byron and Dot for spending time with us!! 

When we arrived, lo and behold in their drive way was a familiar tiny house- although I had never seen it in real life before, only on YouTube- Tiny House Giant Journey. I’ll be honest here, their design is probably my classic favorite when I imagine a tiny house on wheels. You’ve got to check out their video tour here– with the hilarious Derek “Deek” Diedricksen from Relaxshacks.


Jenna and Giullaume’s tiny house on wheels.

 We were sad that Jenna and Guillaume weren’t home but we wanted to give them a shout out because it was kinda a big deal (for Lily anyhow). 😀 I’m a big fan. 🙂

We hope to finish sheathing today (or tomorrow) and take the next steps in our tiny journey.

If you have questions or comments you can e-mail us at Mcfish.tinyhouse@gmail.com

With love and light,

Lily and Abby

P.S. we’ve been collecting videos we’ve made the past week and will put them together for your viewing pleasure as soon as we can.

a big update on our tiny house


tiny house as of may 30th (Denver, CO)

Our latest addition to our tiny house are these treated exterior support beans (not the technical term). In the photo above, they are the reddish/browning pieces that sit adjacent to our top plates. As you can see one of them is slightly angled, this is for water collection purposes. The opposing roof will also be slanted, but for simplicity purposes, we’ve constructed the roof at a 90 degree angle and will build in a slightly increased angle as to allow for an additional water collection.

Some numbers (so far):

  • 1 door
  • 8 windows (3 living room, 2 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 skylight)
  • 2 lofts (left to right: bedroom, kitchen)
  • 250 square feet of floor space (approximately)
  • 2 separate sleeping spaces
  • 1 pull out bed (under kitchen loft)
  • 1 shower
  • 1 composting toilet
  • 502 square feed of wall space (approximately)
  • 127 gallons of water per week (approximate calculations for shower and consumption)
  • 3000 watt capacity electrical system (currently investigating)
  • 1 water pump
  • 1 water filter
  • 147 hours worked  on the house so far (roughly approximated 3 weeks, 7 hours per day-yup we’ve worked pretty much straight since we got the trailer)

some photos for your viewing pleasure

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A super special thank you to our recent goFundme contributors:

Peggy Karr, Jane Fortin, Barbara Mariner, Stephen Kling, Gail Abbott and a very generous anonymous donor. 

There are still a lot of details to be finalized but that’s what we’ve got so far- (some) details subject to change.

For questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at mcfish.tinyhouse@gmail.com. (also if you’d like to visit us e-mail us! we’d love to hang out with you and give you a tour of our house)

We’re also on instagram and facebook.

With love and light,

Abby and Lily

P.S. Save the Date for our tiny house warming party Saturday, July 16th. Details to follow. 🙂

Four Walls

Today was incredible as we placed our four fully framed walls on our trailer.  With help from family and friends we were able to complete this task in a few hours.  The time lapse video we took makes in look like a piece of cake, but between leveling, squaring, and placing braces it was quite a day! Stay tuned for the link that will be on our youtube channel!

We can’t wait to continue our build!


The Build

Today we rented a framing nailer from the Denver Tool Library and began creating the walls for our house.  It was a lot of fun and very exciting to see the structure coming together so quickly.

Lily will be interning at LightHouse Writing Center tomorrow and I will continue to frame the remanding two walls of the house.



Abby and Lily


Happy Thursday!

Today we picked up our framing studs and will begin as soon as our trailer arrives!

We have a new Gmail account through which you can contact both of us:


Stay tuned for more exciting videos of our building process.

Abby & Lily