A Wee(kend) Update

Happy Monday friend and strangers,

This weekend we attended an event in Lyons, CO at the WeeCasa tiny home hotel. They have 10 tiny houses on their lot, as well as a large space for events such as weddings. It is a delightful space with a river running along side and main street right across the road.


WeeCasa tiny home hotel in Lyons, Colorado. June 5th 2016.

Barbara from Live Simply Colorado, Abby’s mentor, turned us on to this opportunity and spoke to the guest speaker, from SimBLISSity Tiny Homes on our behalf. After a brief introduction, all the attendees were invited to tour about 4 of the on site “units.” They were quite adorable. Because Barbara spoke so kindly of us to Byron and Dot, the power partner team behind SimBLISSity, we were able to have a tour of their build site and learn about the values and passions behind the company. Suffice it to say, we were impressed.

Thanks Byron and Dot for spending time with us!! 

When we arrived, lo and behold in their drive way was a familiar tiny house- although I had never seen it in real life before, only on YouTube- Tiny House Giant Journey. I’ll be honest here, their design is probably my classic favorite when I imagine a tiny house on wheels. You’ve got to check out their video tour here– with the hilarious Derek “Deek” Diedricksen from Relaxshacks.


Jenna and Giullaume’s tiny house on wheels.

 We were sad that Jenna and Guillaume weren’t home but we wanted to give them a shout out because it was kinda a big deal (for Lily anyhow). 😀 I’m a big fan. 🙂

We hope to finish sheathing today (or tomorrow) and take the next steps in our tiny journey.

If you have questions or comments you can e-mail us at Mcfish.tinyhouse@gmail.com

With love and light,

Lily and Abby

P.S. we’ve been collecting videos we’ve made the past week and will put them together for your viewing pleasure as soon as we can.


Four Walls

Today was incredible as we placed our four fully framed walls on our trailer.  With help from family and friends we were able to complete this task in a few hours.  The time lapse video we took makes in look like a piece of cake, but between leveling, squaring, and placing braces it was quite a day! Stay tuned for the link that will be on our youtube channel!

We can’t wait to continue our build!


the big day

Good evening friends,

A huge fluffy hug and shout out to our latest petition signers!We dearly appreciate you taking the time to sharing your support!

Alice H., Alex H., and Cynthia N. 

Our friend from LiveSimplyColorado sent us an news article from MSU Today, that announced students will be building a tiny house on campus! They will start tomorrow! Here’s the link!

Tomorrow we’ll be submitting our proposal!

We are very optimistic and excited to be working with sketchup and other web sources. We are learning a lot about construction and technology.

We are nearly exploding with ideas for next year:

  • workshops
  • building lessons
  • tiny house potluck

Feel free to contribute your own ideas for how this could benefit the community. Comment below  or sent us a e-mail for Facebook message!

We will post our proposal online for your viewing pleasure! look out for it tomorrow!

With love and light,

❤ Abby & Lily

Self-Designed Internship

Happy Monday!

As we move forward with our project, I have taken it upon myself to develop a self-designed internship that encompasses the interdisciplinary nature of this project.  As an art major, I am interested in the design and construction embodied in this project.  My interests in environmental studies, psychology, and education will all show their faces as I learn about human connections, habits, sustainable living, and the value of learning from hands on experience.

In the hopes of spending my summer building a tiny home I reached out to an organization, Live Simply Colorado, based out of my home town, Denver.  With resources and personal connections, this organization will help with construction taking place in a timely manner.

Today, I had the pleasure of talking with the Barbara Mariner, Managing Directer, and after an educational and empowering conversation I received an email from her reaffirming our decision to work together this summer as mentor and mentee.  My enthusiasm for this project was immediately heightened upon receiving this email and I am ecstatic to move forward with our final proposal.  I cannot wait to work with Barbara as she is a well-spoken and well-rounded professional that I will be able to gain knowledge and understand from as well as learning about myself and the community she has been able to establish through her organization.

I am looking forward to an educational, inspiring, challenging, identity defining, and mind blowing summer project.


Abby ❤