A big shout out to Olga Galperin who donated to our GoFundme.

For the record, Olga is a wonderful human who is still doing her Watson Fellowship and is very seriously responsible for creating Music House at Earlham where I’ve lived on campus for the past 2 years (minus a semester abroad).

Thanks Olga! 

Hello world!

Thanks for tuning into our blog. Seriously, the job of documenting and updating could totally be one designated person’s job. We have been working nearly non stop- as non stop as is possible, for the past few weeks.

I just finished Lit Fest (where I worked 3-9 for 2 weeks nearly straight- work days) and so we are back on a our ‘normal’ tiny house work schedule. — AKA working until the sun goes down.

We pulled the tiny house out of the drive way…to finish the roof- we are in the process of attaching metal roofing to our roof….

Next up:

  • trim
  • corrugated furring strips to create a rain screen so moisture can flow out and not go into our house
  • build an external storage unit
  • prep various holes for stuff
  • attach siding
  • interior insulation
  • AND THE BIGGIES: electrical wiring and pluming

It is getting late, so, that’s all for now.

With Love and Light,

Lily & Abby

P.S. oh, I should share some photos!


making connections

Good early morning world,

Today (yesterday, officially), two tiny house builders visited us! Vicky and Jim (or John, I can’t remember). It was simply delightful. Vicky helped us out by cleaning up some windows. We connected with them via the “Tiny House Enthusiasts-Colorado” Meetup group.


June 11th, 2016

We are so excited to be connecting with other member of the tiny house community in Denver- did you know in the area we are building, there are 3 other tiny houses being built? wow!




A super duper big shout out to our latest GoFundme supporters

Jason Elliot (EC pride!), Molly McCullough and Lynn (and Hapi, the cutest pup ever)

Because of your donations we are able to make this project happen.

We are getting ever so close to putting in pluming (what pluming there is), electrical wiring and insulation.

Stay tuned.

With love and light,

Lily & Abby


a big update on our tiny house


tiny house as of may 30th (Denver, CO)

Our latest addition to our tiny house are these treated exterior support beans (not the technical term). In the photo above, they are the reddish/browning pieces that sit adjacent to our top plates. As you can see one of them is slightly angled, this is for water collection purposes. The opposing roof will also be slanted, but for simplicity purposes, we’ve constructed the roof at a 90 degree angle and will build in a slightly increased angle as to allow for an additional water collection.

Some numbers (so far):

  • 1 door
  • 8 windows (3 living room, 2 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 skylight)
  • 2 lofts (left to right: bedroom, kitchen)
  • 250 square feet of floor space (approximately)
  • 2 separate sleeping spaces
  • 1 pull out bed (under kitchen loft)
  • 1 shower
  • 1 composting toilet
  • 502 square feed of wall space (approximately)
  • 127 gallons of water per week (approximate calculations for shower and consumption)
  • 3000 watt capacity electrical system (currently investigating)
  • 1 water pump
  • 1 water filter
  • 147 hours worked  on the house so far (roughly approximated 3 weeks, 7 hours per day-yup we’ve worked pretty much straight since we got the trailer)

some photos for your viewing pleasure

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A super special thank you to our recent goFundme contributors:

Peggy Karr, Jane Fortin, Barbara Mariner, Stephen Kling, Gail Abbott and a very generous anonymous donor. 

There are still a lot of details to be finalized but that’s what we’ve got so far- (some) details subject to change.

For questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at (also if you’d like to visit us e-mail us! we’d love to hang out with you and give you a tour of our house)

We’re also on instagram and facebook.

With love and light,

Abby and Lily

P.S. Save the Date for our tiny house warming party Saturday, July 16th. Details to follow. 🙂

#EarlhamDay & back up plans

Happy #EarlhamDay!


Good afternoon world,

Yesterday we met with Ian Smith (director of facilities) and spoke with him about his concerns and he answered some of our questions. Here’s our conversation in brief summary:

  • what is our back up plan for if the house isn’t ready in time for our return in August?
  • what if our sources of heat stop working? is there a back up plan?
  • will our current plan for water storage survive a cold winter?
  • what is our back up plan for if the place we choose to park is super muddy? what about snow?
  • do we have insurance on the house? (nope)
  • open hours for public tours in the Fall
  • what do we do in the event of a tornado warning?

Suffice it to say we got to thinking a lot about setting up our back up plans in the event of an unforeseen and undesired setback.

We are super excited- even as the semester wraps up and we are sooo busyy we cannot wait to start building- stay tuned via YouTube for video updates and check back here for our latest blog posts!

Today is Earlham Day so take a moment to consider donating to the All Class Gift! Their “Goal is to raise $10 000 to benefit Diversity training and scholarships.” We think that is a cause worth donating for- every dollar counts 🙂 Click here to give today! 

Lastly, a huge thank you to all those who have supported us in our cause thus far! We’ve raised $ 1 220 in 11 days! THANK YOU. Check out our gofundme page if you are able.

With love and light <3,

Lily and Abby



I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.  I wanted to share with you that we have set up a gofundme in the hopes of gaining financial support in purchasing materials for the build. If you would like to contribute to our project, follow the link above.  No contribution is too small and we are grateful for all and any support we receive.

I would also like to share that I met with Rachel Meginnes, Visiting Instructor of Art, this past Friday about our project.  I am so grateful for the support we have received from the college and for the wonderful conversation I had with Rachel. We talking through her questions and I explained our process moving forward.  I appreciated Rachel’s approach to our conversation because after we discussed the basics, she went on to share with me information about ‘building’ in relation to art.  She introduced me to Andrea Zittel work and it spoke to me about the possibilities for the future of art, design, sustainability, intentional living, and community.  Our future truly is now!  Thank you Rachel for the wonderful conversation and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you this past semester!

All the best,




Moving Forward


We are still waiting to hear a final response about our proposal, but in the mean time we are continuing to do are research.  As we finalize our floor plan, we are looking for help with drafting a three-dimensional model of our tiny house.  If you would like to reach out to us for help in this process we would be grateful! Or with any other ideas or guidance!  We are continuing to meet with numerous faculty and staff on campus to relieve any concerns and answer any question in the effort to push our proposal forward.

The good news is that Abby’s self-designed internship has formally been approved! We are very excited about this as it will contribute to funding for purchasing materials for the construction.  We are also setting up a Kickstarter (link to be provided shortly)!  If you would like to contribute to our build, even a small amount, we would be very grateful!

We hope you have a lovely week!


Abby and Lily