Our future now.

We envision a world where we all have the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of our connection to the land and to each other. In this way, as a community, we can cultivate collective learning, engagement and practice the principles we at Earlham value.

We believe that a tiny house on wheels can be an example of how we value Earlham’s community leadership and commitment to sustainability, global engagement and being fully present.

Similarly, we believe in the power of intersectionality, and in particular the power of women to stand together be heard in the face of injustice, to demand change, and to see this change become a reality. Step 1: educate yourself. We can do this together.  

We cannot stop asking ourselves “how will we live?”  Will we continue to compromise decreasing our environmental impact for convenience sake? We know that building and living in our own tiny house is the best way to be fully present.

We hope that we can build a better future. Together.

We know our future is now.

With love and light,

Abby & Lily