We’re Speaking at The Innovation Center Next Week

Join us, free tickets here, for our latest speaking engagement at The Innovation Center.


Abby & Lily


Some News

Last week of classes.

Graduation soon ahead. May 6.

Also. Check out this awesome story! Coding strides are being made.

See you on the other side (of Chase stage)!

-Abby & Lily

Earlham’s Epic Expo -Tiny Tour

Happy April world!

We’re still not living in the tiny house due to political reasons.

However, we will be giving a tour of the tiny house as part of Earlham’s Epic ExpoEarlham’s Epic Expo! Two days of canceled classes offer students the opportunity to present research and other class work to the community.

We’ll be giving tours of the tiny house Tuesday, April 18th, from 1:30pm-3:30pm.

See you there!


Lily & Abby

Minor Setback Update

According to our Director of Facilities, Ian, we’ve received word that Richmond, IN has in fact turned around on their permission of a portion of our request for a variance of use. 

In short, we will not be allowed to “reside” in the tiny house while it is on campus.

As we believe our house is also a learning opportunity for other students and a novel project for others, we will move forward with briniging the house to campus under the condition that we don’t utilize it as structure for perminant living, even though we have been treating it as such up until now. 

In any event, we just wanted to keep everyone posted.

Lily and Abby 


The day has arrived. our varience of use application has been approved.

We were first on the agenda and after a few comments and one legitimate concern from a local neighbor boarded by two college houses, the varience was approved by the 3 board members present. (one had to step out due to a conflict of interest- his Earlham affiliation).

Thanks you all so much for your support, critical queries, comments and questions.

Have a lovely evening all!

With joy,

Lily & Abby

From there to here

It has been almost a month since I loaded up the tiny house and traveled from Denver back to Richmond.  It was a busy, uncomfortable, eye opening, exciting, and educational experience both traveling with the house and now living in the space.  Although it is not 100% complete, Lily and I have been living in our house and embracing the challenges, while holding on to the pure happiness we feel for what we were able to accomplish this summer.

I use the word uncomfortable not because I am restricted by the size of my space or the simplicity of my new living environment, but more as a way to express the uneasiness I feel as I am questioned about how I am choosing to live.  At a time in my life where I am personally questioning the world and my sense of belonging, my biggest challenge is feeling grounded in who I am.  It is difficult to hear others concerns regarding my living space almost as if they are reaffirming my own thoughts in terms of judgement, decision making and ambition.  Was this the right time in my life to build a tiny house?

This question will probably wander my mind for the remainder of the year.  In knowing this, I must continue to tell myself that we are where we are now, for a reason.  We have a house, a place, a space, a home that we can call our own.  We know every aspect of the structure and there is a connection I feel to this place that brings a calming feeling over me every time I walk through the front door.  I am home.