Back to work……

It has been a long week. Besides the fact that we got some well needed rest it was a horrible week in most other ways. I do not feel the need to go into details as everyone with an internet connection (or a Facebook account) probably has had many eye-fulls of videos, news reports and friends and family grieving and angry- among other feelings.




I digress.

We are focusing today on the roof. We had some roof problems and have revamped the upper roof that will now no longer feature a skylight: It was proving to be very problematic.

Before we left, a lot of water got underneath the metal roof and we had to take it all off. It wasn’t fun.

The next immediate steps will be to finish screwing down the roof and then work on the inside! hurray.

Thanks everyone for following our progress and story.

With love and light,

Lily & Abby




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