A big shout out to Olga Galperin who donated to our GoFundme.

For the record, Olga is a wonderful human who is still doing her Watson Fellowship and is very seriously responsible for creating Music House at Earlham where I’ve lived on campus for the past 2 years (minus a semester abroad).

Thanks Olga! 

Hello world!

Thanks for tuning into our blog. Seriously, the job of documenting and updating could totally be one designated person’s job. We have been working nearly non stop- as non stop as is possible, for the past few weeks.

I just finished Lit Fest (where I worked 3-9 for 2 weeks nearly straight- work days) and so we are back on a our ‘normal’ tiny house work schedule. — AKA working until the sun goes down.

We pulled the tiny house out of the drive way…to finish the roof- we are in the process of attaching metal roofing to our roof….

Next up:

  • trim
  • corrugated furring strips to create a rain screen so moisture can flow out and not go into our house
  • build an external storage unit
  • prep various holes for stuff
  • attach siding
  • interior insulation
  • AND THE BIGGIES: electrical wiring and pluming

It is getting late, so, that’s all for now.

With Love and Light,

Lily & Abby

P.S. oh, I should share some photos!


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