making connections

Good early morning world,

Today (yesterday, officially), two tiny house builders visited us! Vicky and Jim (or John, I can’t remember). It was simply delightful. Vicky helped us out by cleaning up some windows. We connected with them via the “Tiny House Enthusiasts-Colorado” Meetup group.


June 11th, 2016

We are so excited to be connecting with other member of the tiny house community in Denver- did you know in the area we are building, there are 3 other tiny houses being built? wow!




A super duper big shout out to our latest GoFundme supporters

Jason Elliot (EC pride!), Molly McCullough and Lynn (and Hapi, the cutest pup ever)

Because of your donations we are able to make this project happen.

We are getting ever so close to putting in pluming (what pluming there is), electrical wiring and insulation.

Stay tuned.

With love and light,

Lily & Abby



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