new friends & inspiration

good evening world!

today we Skyped with a young man who Barbara connected us with. he is currently building a tiny house on wheels. his name is Gavin and here is his website. he gave us some great feedback on our original floor plan and we’ve made some adjustments to accommodate the realities of architectural possibilities.

we learned (among others) about rain screens, drip edge, lateral bracing, corrugated roofing, and calculating/considering correct beam support for the roof we will choose to build.

as a sneak preview here is an example of a particular design inspiration we love! this website, has a lot of great resources. our kitchen will be lofted to reveal a pull out full bed (some of the bed will stick out and double as a day couch). on the opposite side there will be a loft for a second sleeping space.

obviously it won’t look exactly the same but we love this idea of using the space beneath the kitchen both as regular storage and storage for a bed.

our roof will be similar to this man’s tiny house on wheels who is from Aotearoa (New Zealand). check out the YouTube tour here from “Living Big in a Tiny House.” they give awesome tours of some pretty sweet homes. we were inspired by his stairs that wrap around a corner and save space. also we are going with his style of roof to enhance the feeling of open space in our tiny house.

nz tiny house 1nz tiny house 2

we plan to purchase our trailer this week! additionally, we’ll be searching Craigslist for reclaimed wood and other house building materials.

have a great week!

with love and light <3,

Lily & Abby


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