#EarlhamDay & back up plans

Happy #EarlhamDay!


Good afternoon world,

Yesterday we met with Ian Smith (director of facilities) and spoke with him about his concerns and he answered some of our questions. Here’s our conversation in brief summary:

  • what is our back up plan for if the house isn’t ready in time for our return in August?
  • what if our sources of heat stop working? is there a back up plan?
  • will our current plan for water storage survive a cold winter?
  • what is our back up plan for if the place we choose to park is super muddy? what about snow?
  • do we have insurance on the house? (nope)
  • open hours for public tours in the Fall
  • what do we do in the event of a tornado warning?

Suffice it to say we got to thinking a lot about setting up our back up plans in the event of an unforeseen and undesired setback.

We are super excited- even as the semester wraps up and we are sooo busyy we cannot wait to start building- stay tuned via YouTube for video updates and check back here for our latest blog posts!

Today is Earlham Day so take a moment to consider donating to the All Class Gift! Their “Goal is to raise $10 000 to benefit Diversity training and scholarships.” We think that is a cause worth donating for- every dollar counts 🙂 Click here to give today! 

Lastly, a huge thank you to all those who have supported us in our cause thus far! We’ve raised $ 1 220 in 11 days! THANK YOU. Check out our gofundme page if you are able.

With love and light <3,

Lily and Abby


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