the big day

Good evening friends,

A huge fluffy hug and shout out to our latest petition signers!We dearly appreciate you taking the time to sharing your support!

Alice H., Alex H., and Cynthia N. 

Our friend from LiveSimplyColorado sent us an news article from MSU Today, that announced students will be building a tiny house on campus! They will start tomorrow! Here’s the link!

Tomorrow we’ll be submitting our proposal!

We are very optimistic and excited to be working with sketchup and other web sources. We are learning a lot about construction and technology.

We are nearly exploding with ideas for next year:

  • workshops
  • building lessons
  • tiny house potluck

Feel free to contribute your own ideas for how this could benefit the community. Comment below  or sent us a e-mail for Facebook message!

We will post our proposal online for your viewing pleasure! look out for it tomorrow!

With love and light,

❤ Abby & Lily


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