the final week

Good morning and happy Monday everyone!

A super big thank you to our most recent supporters who took a moment to sign our petition!

Leslie A., Margie, Jordan L., Patty M.,Jordan B., Vojislav T., David D., Laura H., Anthony R., Glen C., and Abigail S. 

By the end of this week we will be submitting our proposal to members of administration who will be able to approve or deny our proposal. Looking back on our notes, it appears we will be submitting the proposal to Senior Staff.

We would like to clarify and assure the community that after having great conversations and reflecting on the implications of this project on the community, we will not be asking for any additional funding from the College other than

  1. putting our “Room” tuition towards the build (total $9 900)
  2. an independent internship grant (if accepted would amount to $3 000)

Other funds will come from

  1. our own pockets
  2. online fundraising
  3. sponsors from organizations/companies

We are currently working on a specific budget outline, and until then cannot estimate figures of the aforementioned funds. We’ll have that for you this Friday.

❤ with love,

Lily & Abby






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