Our Coverletter

Hello friends,

Here is the e-mail we sent out on Monday to our Earlham friends, 

Date: February 29th, 2016

Subject: Tiny House on Wheels Project Proposal Feedback

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy

Dear friend,

If we hope to be leaders in reducing our collective environmental impact, we must actively seek to live out our values as intentional sustainability advocates in our community. The structure of our society forces us to seek out the resources, knowledge, and methods in order to be more ‘sustainable,’ yet we say an affordable, sustainable, and intentional livelihood should not be difficult to achieve or difficult to understand. We are ready to be examples of how living sustainably is possible in this modern world. But we need your help.    

We plan to submit a proposal to live in a tiny house on campus for next academic year (2016-17). This tiny house will be 100% off grid and 100% built by us during this summer (2016). We plan to integrate this project into the Earlham and Richmond community, academics at Earlham, and extracurricular activities on campus. This project may be proposed by us, but what it symbolizes is intentional community living out our collective values. You can make a difference here.  

Our proposal will be submitted to the proper personnel/department on or before Friday, March 11th, 2016 and we will request a formal response by April 11th, 2016 at the latest. As we assemble a formal proposal, complete with all relevant information, we will be reaching out to various community members, like you, to seek feedback, support and/or advice to create an innovative, practical, and tidy proposal.

In our research of other schools that have said yes to this project we found an article about St. Mary’s College that echoes Earlham’s cross- disciplinary approach in that their “partnership between environmental studies and art exemplifies the college’s investment in cross-disciplinary studies as well as its commitment to sustainability and community engagement,” (http://www.smcm.edu/news/2015/10/st-marys-college-tiny-house-project-gets-underway/).

With collective knowledge in assembling this project we can all share the ownership. We would like to meet with you, if your schedule allows, to discuss areas of this project that we might not be able to anticipate thus far. In the meantime, or if meeting in person is inconvenient please think about who needs to approve this initiative, what roadblocks we might face in seeking approval (e.g. liability), and what concerns you personally have.   

Sincerely yours,

Lily & Abby


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